Major Differences
When Partnering with Bright Services

  1. Branch Management and Staffs
    Bright Services, staff personnel are...
    Knowledgeable in all aspects of human resources management.
    Well versed and trained in the perilous legal aspects of personnel selection and management including Title VII -EEOC.
    Professional, well educated individuals who possess local business knowledge, excellent character and who work for the general betterment of business clients and local communities.
    Trained to help companies improve productivity and reduce payroll and associated costs.

  2. Selection System
    The centerpiece of our personnel system.  Our selection system is the most comprehensive within the staffing industry (details available).  The advantages of this system manifest itself in productive workers, cost savings and in whom Bright Services does not refer to Client Companies for contract work.
  3. Recruiting Programs
    Our comprehensive approach to recruiting assures clients that contract workers referred by Bright Services are not the hard core unemployed or persons with poor job performance records.
  4. Quality Assurance
    Our clients always receive good value and we assure that any personnel concerns are quickly resolved.
  5. Our total system and services result in many advantages; among these are the avoidance of...
    Problem employees.
    Low productivity.
    Costs associated with bad hires.
    Bad press and community perceptions.
    Poor employee morale.
  6. Overall Best Value
    Our comprehensive personnel system, along with our dedication to the general success and increased productivity of our clients, results in cost savings and a true value for your company.

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