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Privatized hiring is a Most Important – Sound Business Practice.  Our long standing, time trusted, four (4) staffing principles are sound business advice, as 100’s of our clients have learned and experienced.  These four time tested staffing principles are:


1.   Guard zealously who is hired and gets on your payroll.  This will have more to do with your company’s success, profitability, flexibility and productivity than any decision by management.

2.   Go about all recruiting and hiring as privately and selectively as possible.  Minimize and limit exposures – i.e., Title VII – EEOC claims, public and employee perceptions, relations, wrongful and expensive terminations, etc.  Remember, ours is a litigation prone marketplace.

3.   Balance staffs and payrolls in order to optimize results and eliminate the need for layoffs of permanent employees.

4.   Hire employees by the trial-and-experience method.  Eliminate costly, unsatisfactory hiring decisions (wrongful and expensive terminations) and unemployment claims, as well as employee concerns and disruptions.